Mystified by IUID requirements? Turn to the experts for help.

Many defense contractors are experts in a particular field of engineering, such as aerospace, vehicle, electrical or industrial engineering. What they might not be experts on are defense department requirements for Unique Identification (UID) labeling of items being supplied to the military.

Item Unique Identification (IUID) is a system in which each piece of equipment receives a unique identifier that remains with the item throughout its life, greatly enhancing the military’s ability to track the equipment. Identifying information is contained in a 2D Data Matrix symbol that is applied to the equipment: Either directly, through a method such as laser engraving, electro-chemical etching or dot-peening the symbol onto the equipment; or indirectly, using a label that is attached to the item. The Data Matrix symbol is read with an automated device, and an important step in the IUID process is making sure the label is readable and within a compliant syntax. This is accomplished through the IUID verification process.

IUID verification is itself complex. Hardware and software are used to grade the data matrix symbol on a number of parameters, including its contrast, uniformity or distortion from an ideal square pattern, and whether cells are incompletely filled or spill over their boundaries. An overall grade is assigned to the symbol as well. Verification should be used early in the IUID process if possible. Finding out when a project is completed that the IUID labels are defective can create major headaches for the supplier. Even worse is if the equipment is sent to the DoD and the department discovers the defective labels after receiving the shipment. is a comprehensive source of information on the entire IUID process. The website has information on the various standards that apply to IUID marking of equipment. At, one can also find details of different IUID marking methods and IUID verification systems. A user can learn more through product videos and product literature that are available through the site.

The website belongs to ID Integration Inc., a company with more than 12 years of experience in IUID systems that offers a range of services from needs assessment to process development, template design and software development. As their name suggests, ID Integration will help a business integrate the IUID process into existing systems. Custom solutions are emphasized. Equipment installation and on-site training of personnel is also offered. Find a full list of services at  Visit to learn more about how their team of experts can help.

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